Citizens of most American and Western European countries are not required visa to enter Peru. Citizens of Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile do not require passports or visa to visit certain regions of Peru. Contact the Peruvian diplomatic representative in your country for further information. Addresses and phone numbers are included in the website of Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Relations: www.rree.gob.pe If the purpose of your visit is tourism, the maximum length of your stay will be 90 days (you can apply for extensions with the immigration authority) All travelers must carry a valid passport, or a safe-conduct issued by the Peruvian immigration authority.

In fact, Peru is a safe place to enjoy. You may have read or heard on TV, websites or newspapers about terrorism, crime and economic and political instability. But the truth is that terrorism has been defeated a long time ago; Peruvians live in peace and work very hard every day to build and democratic and safe society. We can assure visitors that all they need to do is follow the normal precautions taken to visit other destinations.

Peru is a very large country that is crossed by the Andes and has a vast Amazonian region, so you are likely to notice differences from one place to the other, which may be intense depending on the month of your visit. It hardly ever rains on the coast, where there are usually two seasons. – The warm season runs from November 15th until the end of March. – The cold season occurs from April to mid-November and it is very humid. Unlike the coastal area, the mountains and the jungle have a warmer rainy season running from mid-November to late March, and the least warm season occurs between April and mid-November.

This answer depends on your personal preferences and the level of comfort you desire. Bartering is generally accepted in Peru, except for larger stores and restaurants. In larger cities prices in general may be higher, particularly in Lima, and may increase during festivities such as the National Holidays (July), Easter (April) or Christmas due to higher demand for services such as bus and air transportation.

Unfortunately Peru is not a very accessible destination. But we are changing. Most of Lima city is accessible only a few places that do not have ramps. Accessible Travel Peru provide accessibility during the tour.